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About Us

Since 1982, Atlyn Productions have been renting sound systems to musicians and businesses in and around Edmonton.
I have personally met and dealt with every Atlyn Productions customer over the history of the business.
Atlyn Productions supplies a sound system and audio services at Blues on Whyte.  My involvement there has led to many acquaintances in the scope of the entertainment business.
Some of our local bands that call Atlyn Productions: The Retrofitz, the Classics, The Urbanites, the Red Hotz, Cold Feet, Tacoy Ryde, Paula Perro and the Project, Boogie Patrol, the Ruminators,
We also service the corporate world and have provided production services to The Edmonton Oilers, the Edmonton Eskimos, Kids Help Line, County of Stony Plain, Town of Barrhead, The ALS Society, The Alberta Safety Council,  Ukrainian Village,  Athletics Alberta, Meadows Community League, Devon International Music Festival,  Edmonton Celtic Festival, Cowboy Poets in Stony Plain and Vilna, Springtime in Alberta, Taste of Argentina,  numerous charities, societies and promotional events.
Audio recording services both in the studio and live situations:  Atlyn productions has recording equipment and can multi-track record up to 24 channels via Presonus digital mixing  consoles. Mixing and mastering services are also provided.

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